Marching through the town

Addington Brass has recently been involved in leading two large parades through the centre of Christchurch

Sunday 14th September we began the parade for the Third World Vintage Rugby Carnival, with over 700 players in 30 teams from 8 countries marching from the Bridge of Remembrance to Christ’s College. The start of the parade was interesting with the Irish team having to be led from the Bog bar and the NZ team gathered up from another bar along the strip. These lads and their partners thoroughly enjoyed partaking of the Christchurch hospitality!

Then on Sunday 19th October we lead the opening parade for the World Masters Squash Championships. 763 players from 39 countries were involved in the parade making this possibly the biggest squash event ever. We marched from the Bridge of Remembrance to Victoria Square. Again the beautiful Christchurch weather and welcoming hospitality in Christchurch caused a slight delay in the start as team members were gathered from the establishments along the Strip.

Addington were proud to represent Christchurch and New Zealand in these opening ceremonies.