Officers of the Band

The 2016 officers were elected at the 2015 AGM, held on 14th December 2015 at the Bandrooms.

Patron Hilary Muir
Vice Patrons Michael Gorman, (tbc)
President Ross Wise
Vice Presidents Neil Hansen, Bill Dixon
Secretary Danni Robson, Mark Walters
Treasurer Brian Smith
Deputy Musical Director (tbc)
Drum Major Dave Clearwater
Band Sergeant Dave Clearwater
Hon Auditor Barry Blackmore
Hon Solicitor Stephen Bray
Librarian Kate Bull assisted by Helen Christensen
PR (publicity and social media) Chris Gourlay
Instrument Custodian Grant Dempsey
Uniform Custodian Jane Holt
Bandroom Custodian (tbc)
Committee Members

(other than ex officio members)


Chris Bull, Grant Dempsey, James Wratt, Jane Holt, Louisa Clissold, Ross Wise, Chris Gourlay